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Pyrolusite by Stormloverwolf

Pyrolusite is the most common manganese mineral. It is one of several manganese oxide minerals.

The colours of this beautiful stone are silver, black, blue and dark grey. It has large shiny, fan-like images on it that flash in the light as you turn it in different directions.

You can find Pyrolusite readily available from specialty shops, they are from Britain, Brazil, India and the United States.

This stone is one of the most important ores of the manganese. It is also a component of the production of steel and was once used for the manufacture of batteries. It is also used in the preparation of chlorine, and as an agent in colouring in dyes. It is likely to leave some residue on your hand when you hold it.

The attributes of this amazing stone are that it holds the ability to transform and then restructure energies. To be most beneficial, consciously directed by you it can restructure life. This beauty heals energy disruptions and then can change “dis-ease” into the physical, emotional and mental bodies for us.

If you want a calm, serene meditation area bring Pyrolusite with you before you begin. It repels negative energy and can release psychic interference from any source, strengthening your aura in the process.

If you feel you are under psychic attack of some kind Pyrolusite and help dissolve emotional manipulation and then provide a barrier to the attentions of those who inhabit the lower astral worlds.

Keep Pyrolusite with you if you are going to be in the presence of someone in authority that wants to push their feelings/opinions on you – it will enable you to stay true to your own thoughts and ideas.

Psychologically, Pyrolusite helps to give you confidence, have optimistic thoughts and aids you in your determination to accomplish what you need to in life. This is a tenacious stone that helps you to realize your actual problems and then offers a way to transform those problems for a positive result. It also adds great support if you are feeling weak with emotions as well as Pyrolusite can assist with past-life or body work to release emotional 'dis-ease' and blockages in the emotional body.

This beauty can assist in stabilising relationships that might be faltering. It can transform negative emotions into more positive ones that can assist you in your life.

For healing Pyrolusite helps to treat bronchitis, regulates the metabolism, reinforces blood vessels and can stimulate sexuality. This stone also assists in strengthening your eyesight.

Because of its delicate construction, some Pyrolusite is not suitable for wearing or keep on your person, but it can be held whenever its protection energies for needed. Place or hold as appropriate as it can be heavy on the body. You can make this into an elixir by the direct method and can be applied topically or taken internally. Research all stones and crystals to make sure they are safe to ingest any of their properties.


Sources: “Crystal Bible” - Judy Hall

image - Wikipedia

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