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Prasiolite by Vanessa Armstrong


Now this is a crystal whose name I hadn't heard of before. I'm always interested when a new one pops up at me and I'm intrigued as to why it holds my interest..

Prasiolite is the name for a green variety of amethyst - the name deriving from Greek meaning "leek green". I had no idea that there was such a thing but as purple amethyst is so beautiful, I figured that the green version must be too. Researching images - it is indeed a beautiful green colour and it can vary from a vivid mint green to a pale yellowy-green. However, calling this crystal "green amethyst" isn't strictly true - amethyst is purple/violet and Prasiolite, although also a quartz and can start its life out as an amethyst, changes to its structure - heat occurring naturally within the earth, along with chemicals present, changes it from purple to green, and forms a totally different crystal with its own wonderful healing and spiritual properties.

Prasiolite can also be formed as a pale green quartz.

This wonderful crystal is excellent for spiritual growth in any form - we liken that with amethysts immersion in fire to transform into a new crystal with its own different properties - we ourselves can touch the fire that burns within us and learn and grow.

Being a green crystal, this is connected with the heart chakra and is excellent in clearing any negative energy, therefore allowing yourself to be open to embrace any changes spiritually that you wish to achieve.

Prasiolite will also help strengthen the mind, the will and emotions - useful when you set yourself goals.

It can also be used in magical workings for attracting abundance, fortune and good luck.

The elements earth and fire are associated with it and it's healing properties are numerous. It can assist with the healing of burns, eating disorders, skin disorders and is also used to help with any issues regarding fertility.

Although Prasiolite is a highly spiritual stone itself, working with this crystal alongside amethyst and/or moldovite will amplify Prasiolites metaphysical properties.

Natural Prasiolite is a rare crystal to find nowadays - very often purple amethyst is heat treated synthetically in order to be sold as Prasiolite. I usually like to own a crystal that I study in order to meditate on it and go with my instincts the energy that I feel from it, but not knowing if it's natural or not would make it a difficult choice.

It does, however, sound like a wonderful crystal to work with for spiritual growth! - natural or otherwise.

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