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Orgonite by Vanessa Armstrong

Last week, my lovely friend Rachel shared with the KW Hearth Guardians, a picture of the subscription ‘witchy’ boxes that she is blogging about. One of the items caught my eye – it was a Goddess ornament, but it looked to me like it was made of plastic. Rachel informed me that it was, in fact, Orgonite.

Orgonite isn’t something that I’ve heard of, so I thought I’d research it and see what I could find out…

‘Orgonite’ is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that “balances and harmonises bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, Chi or Prana” –

In today’s world, it is impossible to ignore the amount of electronic pollution that surrounds us – from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and other wireless technology. Sometimes with all this smog that is in the air, we can suffer from symptoms which are said to be caused by this ‘electronic pollution’ – headaches, tiredness, irritability and a general feeling of ‘fogginess’.

Quite interesting that a solution to help with this was devised in the 1930’s – quite a while before we had any of the equipment that required a ‘solution’.

An Austrian psychoanalyst by the name of Wilhelm Reich developed what he called the Orgone Theory. He wanted to prove his idea that a bio-energetic life force existed. He wasn’t alone in this idea though – many cultures for many years before him also had the same belief system. The Chinese called it Chi and in India, they used the word Prana.

The reason for this was that he felt that it was the necessary key for good physical and mental health. He devised what he called ‘Orgone Boxes’ – which had layers of wool and metal in them which would infuse the patient with orgone energy. This process seemed to have a positive effect as decreased healing times of the patient and positive effects on cancer were recorded.

He went on to produce what was called the ‘cloud buster’. This was an orgone box on a huge scale and was said to have a positive effect on our planetary eco systems in order to control our weather patterns.

As was the thing with a lot of thing not being the ‘norm’ in those days, Reich was persecuted for his wonderful findings and work – basically the authorities were not interested.

Although Reich had no idea of how our world would become with all the electronic devices that are around now, his theories would prove very beneficial today in promoting good physical and mental health.

This is where the orgone pyramids come into the picture. A combination of resin, metals and quartz crystal is very similar to Reich’s wool and metal layered orgone. It was his theory that paved the way for today’s modern Orgonite movement.

It’s bizarre but this combination has proved to be positive in helping our general health and that of our environment too. We already know the effect that crystals and metals have on us. So how does resin come into it? The resin as it hardens shrinks which puts the quartz crystal inside under pressure. As we know, Quartz then produces an electrical charge or the piezo-electric effect.

Many shapes can be made using these 3 components although the pyramid is the most popular. There is lots of information on pyramid geometry – has a detailed blog on Orgone Energy specifically covering this but basically pyramid shapes are wonderful for amplifying and transmitting energy – perfect!!

Orgone is the name of the energy and Orgonite is the object that is used to balance and harmonise this energy. There are many websites selling these very useful pyramids, there are also pendants that can be worn too for the same effect. It is possible to have a go at making your own – there are tutorials on YouTube which you may find helpful. It would be fun and interesting to add in things that could help with other intention too!

A very interesting subject – now I’m off for a browse…

Photo used with kind permission by Starlit

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