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Optimism Incense by Heather

Life as we knew it has changed, but this could be the start of a better approach, connecting us to what is really important in our lives. The idea for this came to me whilst pottering in my garden, however it is easy to do for anyone without a garden, just collect a few items, that make you smile, as you are out for a walk or on your way to work. Nature is showing us that after the barrenness of winter, clearing away what was spent, new growth springs forth and abundance will follow. I felt the rising positive energy and collected a few blooms to dry to make into an incense which for me will embody that hope, that optimism. What you see in the picture are blooms from grape hyacinth, cyclamen, hyacinth, anemone, camellia, dandelions and daisies. Once dried, I am going to grind them with some rosemary and lavender from last summer, also some frankincense resin. This I intend to use in the garden (as I can’t burn it indoors due to family with asthma), in thanks and recognition that we are all part of the cycle of life and whatever is going on at the moment, this will pass and something new can begin. It would be lovely to see/hear about what blends you make.

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