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Online Ritual Special...

♥ Online Special ♥


With lots of people at home at the moment, we are happy to share our online spring equinox ritual video with everyone (usually restricted to Kitchen Witch school students only).

Join us online in the Kitchen Witch Coven facebook group

When? Sunday 22nd March

Time? 7pm GMT


If you would like to work the spell at home you will need:

A black candle

A white candle

A lighter or matches

Two slips of paper


Fireproof dish

Something to eat and drink

You can also just use visualisation if you prefer.

The video has been pre-recorded but the Kitchen Witch posse will be online to answer any question in the comments thread within the KW facebook group during and after the ritual.

The video will also be available in the facebook group after for anyone that misses it or wants to watch the replay.

The ritual script was written by Sue Perryman (Unity) and performed in the video by Rachel Patterson (Tansy Firedragon), Vanessa Armstrong (Autumn Ravenflower) and Sue Perryman (Unity).

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