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November Meditation by Sunchylde Dryadmoon

Take a deep breath in through your nose and a long sigh out through your mouth. Feel any tension in your body start to melt away as you become comfortable and relaxed. Take another breath in through your nose, the air going deep into your stomach, then slowly and gently release the breath out through your mouth.

Your everyday thoughts and worries fade away as you bring your attention solely to your breath as it moves gently in and slowly out. The world around you starts to dissipate and as it slips away.

You open your mind’s eye to find yourself at the edge of a lake. It is early evening and the water looks so inviting, so you decide to take a dip. You remove your clothes and hang them on a nearby tree branch and step slowly into the lake. The water is a little cold, but it is welcoming to soothe your aching muscles. You swim into the centre of the forest lake and dive down into the water.

Once beneath the surface you open your eyes and are surprised

that you can see everything in crystal clear detail despite the fading light above. You see the roots of the water plants and swim through them freely. Underneath the water the lake seems much bigger than it does from above. Not seeming to

need oxygen you swim through an underwater tunnel and out into a pool. You swim over to the edge of the pool and climb out.

You are standing in an underground cavern, alone and naked. You hear the gentle drip, drip, drip of water from the ceiling and splashing into the pool and the floor you are standing upon. Wondering where your journey will lead next you catch sight of a faint glow of orange at the far end of the cavern. It looks like a fire and so you make your way towards it.

As you draw nearer you see it is a small cooking fire and there is someone cooking a meal in a cauldron over the flames. They are wearing a cloak with the hood pulled up so you cannot see their face. You are a bit wary to approach but you are also anxious to find a way out of the cavern and to your clothes.

As you approach the figure draws their hood back to reveal a very ancient but wise face underneath. They smile at you and say, “all people return to the cauldron to be reborn" They invite you to sit with them for a while. Listen to any messages you are given and accept any gifts you may be offered.

Sensing it is time to leave, you stand and offer your thanks and ask if they know the way out of the cavern. “The only way is through my cauldron of rebirth” they tell you “you must drink from it to be reborn” you are handed a cup and told to help yourself from the cauldron. You pull the ladle out of the cauldron and pour the liquid into your cup. You take a sip and the liquid is bitter, but you are urged to drink more. And so you drink deep and the world around becomes dark.

And as the scene in the cavern slips into darkness you start to become aware of your breath as it slowly moves in and out.

You slowly become aware of your surroundings again and give your fingers and toes a wiggle. Take your time and open your eyes when you are ready, make a drink, eat some chocolate to ground and journal any messages you were given.

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