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New Moon Meditation by Heather

Taken from Rachel Patterson's Moon Magic book in the Pagan Portals series by Moon Books

The link to the guided meditation can be found here

Relax and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing... deep breaths in... and out... Visualise the real world disappearing.

As your world dissipates you find yourself on a high cliff, behind you is a huge eyrie, the nest of an eagle. There is a light breeze, clear blue sky above you and the sun is shining.

You turn to face the eagle and connect mentally with its subconscious... ask it to show you the pathways and opportunities available to you.

The eagle stands and stretches its huge wings, you realise it is an invitation for you to fly with him. Take some time and gradually shape shift into an eagle. Start with your feet, by morphing them into claws... then stretch your arms out and feel the feathers forming... your fingers changing... then your head slowly changing to form a beak... gradually you start to feel comfortable in your eagle shape.

A light breeze ruffles your feathers and your eagle companion makes ready to fly. You both perch on the edge of the cliff. The eagle suddenly takes flight... soaring across the sky... you take a deep breath... then leap...

Feel the air beneath you, feel it whisk around your feathers, glide on the current...

Follow the eagle as it soars across the skies...

As you fly, take a moment to look down, take in the landscape and the scenery as it rushes past. What you see while flying will give you insight into your options and pathways that are available to you.

Gradually the eagle leads you back to his eyrie. You land safely on the cliff, exhilarated and full of ideas and plans. At this point the eagle may give you a message...

When you are ready, slowly change yourself back from an eagle form to your own shape.

Then gradually come back to this reality, stamp your feet and wriggle your fingers.

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