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New Kitchen Witch Website and Forum

We are very excited here at kitchen witch HQ! Those witches you see jumping up and down whooping – that’s us! :-)

The Kitchen Witch forum has been running for nearly 12 years and the online school will celebrate its 10th birthday next May. There have been a few changes over the years with the forum layout etc and although it’s run very well in that time, it was starting to look a little outdated. Rachel had the fabulous idea of moving the forum to our website which is home to our blogs and all things Kitchen Witch, so it made perfect sense to have it all under one roof. It also meant that the website itself could be updated too!

It took a lot of masterminding behind the scenes and then there was the huge task of transferring all of the forum information – branch classes, student journals and our extensive Grimoire to the new website.

What was expected to take several weeks was scaled down massively and we were able to finally unveil it this weekend.

We have got to say that we love it! - it’s very snazzy and has a ‘grown up’ feel about it. Have a hop over to and take a look! We hope that you will love it too!

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