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Merlinite by Sue Perryman

I had brought a small Merlinite tumble stone a few years ago for my collection, but I'd never got around to working with it; then recently I was in my local crystal shop and a stunning black and white oval shaped stone caught my eye. I had to have it and was pleased to find that it was Merlinite and not a ridiculous price either for its size Wink

Before I look up the properties of a new stone, I cleanse it and meditate while holding it in my left (non-dominant) hand, to see what its energy feels like. I had the strangest sensation of prickling in my crown and third eye when I meditated with the Merlinite, I also got the sense that someone was standing behind me watching, which intrigued me more than anything, so I wasn't surprised at all when I looked up merlinite's properties.

Merlinite is a very magical crystal, that enhances intuition, psychic abilities and mediumship skills, and can open the doors to spirit communication. This crystal will work to bring your most inner gifts to the surface. It is also said to bring good luck and magic into your life.

A magical stone that is useful for all magic users, it has a Shamanic vibration which can help you to make contact with guides and teachers in higher realms and communicate with the archetypal energies of nature, such as plant deva's, animal spirits and other elemental allies.

Merlinite is a stone of duality, its black and white colouring blends the spiritual and earthly vibrations together, giving access to spiritual and shamanic realms; it helps you to balance the masculine and feminine energy within yourself and understand the aspects of the God and Goddess.

Merlinite is said to hold the wisdom of alchemists, magicians, Shamans and other magic workers. It is named after the Arthurian wizard Merlin; however, this name is not a mineral term and has been adopted by metaphysical users as a word alluding to its magical energies.

The only known source of merlinite is one mine in New Mexico USA. It is a naturally occurring combination of Quartz and Psilomelane. It is mainly black and white, but its black colour can range from dark grey to bluish black.

This strong spiritual stone can be used to enhance past-life recall through meditation and dreams. Merlinite can aid in astral travel and with accessing the Akashic records to gain insight into your past, present and future lives.

A stone of shadows, merlinite can assist you when working with your shadow self and can reveal the deepest darkest parts of your being. Shame and self-loathing can be caused by the inability to accept all aspects of yourself, merlinite energy can teach you that there are no mistakes - only learning experiences, and it can help you to reconcile with your past while encouraging self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.


Merlinite is a powerful healing aid for conditions relating to the heart, intestines, circulatory and respiratory systems. It can be used to relieve headaches and stabilize the nervous system. This stone is also used to treat disorders with the veins and arteries, as well as the skeletal structure.

Magical Properties: All types of magic, intuition, meditation, astral travel, balance, connecting with elemental energies, past-life recall, enhances psychic and mediumship abilities.

Chakra: Third eye and solar plexus

Element: Earth

Sources: The book of stones - Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian The Crystal Bible volume 1 - Judy Hall

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