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Meditation for Fall/Autumn by StormloverWolf

Sit comfortably, roll your neck and shoulders gently a few times to begin relaxing.

Take in a deep breath in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth.

Visualize the tensions of the day flowing out of your body with each breath that you take.

Feel your muscles begin to loosen and unwind.

Take a few more cleansing breaths and let's begin....

You find yourself walking along an old wooden fence that follows a dusty dirt road. There are some cows and sheep lazily grazing with a few young one's staying close to mom.

The road is lined with several trees on either side that are exploding into the most beautiful fall colours you have ever seen.

There are a few green leaves here and there, then there are also some that have fallen and are becoming crisp as they age.

Your hair lifts and falls in the breeze and your cape flutters as you watch some squirrels playing to and fro over branches. Their chittering makes a happy sound with the gentle breeze gently blowing through the tree limbs.

Fall, a time for the planet to begin to rest for the winter season. You are harvesting the rest of your vegetable gardens, securing limbs on bushes to protect from winter's snow.


Are your children all grown or are they still running around your house driving you nuts some days? Are you caring for your parents? Helping neighbours? We have such busy lives, yet there is so much to be grateful for. The warm hug from a parent, the kiss from a lover, the laughter of little ones.

You wonder what life has for you next?

Think about the coming cold months and what you might want to accomplish or if you are just looking forward to the holidays that seem just around the corner....

You come to sit on an old rickety bench in front of an old barn. The flowers at the base have beautiful hues of burgundy, and vivid yellow mum's that have bloomed. There is always new life no matter what season isn't there?

Close your eyes and smell the wafts of smoke that come from the old farmhouse just up the road a bit.

Listen to the birds as they begin to prepare for their own winter to come.

See the squirrels gather their acorns and just be...

When you open your eye's once again, you have been left a gift from the Goddess, what is it?

Slowly start to bring yourself back to the present. Gently roll your neck a few times, takes some cleansing breaths and when you are ready open your eyes...


Image - Jeff Hopper/Unsplash

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