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Medicine Bag by Jane M

taken from Jane's Magical Herbs Branch Lesson workbook

The purpose of my medicine bag is to help me with my mediumship and psychic development.  I belong to two circles – one that’s an open, drop-in type circle where we practise a variety of skills such as tarot and oracle reading, meeting our spirit animals and guides, psychometry, spirit board, to name but a few.  It’s a weekly meeting, but I can only go every other week because it clashes with my other (fortnightly) circle, a much more serious and strict one that’s more like an evening class, where we practise mainly channelling, platforming, past life regression and various meditations where we bring information back to the here and now. 


As the purpose of my medicine bag is connected with intuition and reaching beyond our earthly realm, I have made a point of not referring to any books for my correspondences.  They are purely based on intuitive choices.

Purple fabric seemed the obvious colour choice, and I quickly laid my hands on a strip of cheesecloth that I’d cut off the bottom of a dress to turn it into a top.  It already had a simple machined hem, so I didn’t have to worry about a casing.  For ribbons I chose a couple of turquoise ones salvaged from one of those cobwebby knitted shrugs.  They wouldn’t stay done up, so I removed them.  I associate the colour with spirituality.


I then gathered some small crystals:

Rose quartz for loving energies;

Clear quartz to connect with Spirit through my Soul chakra;

Amethyst to pick up messages from Spirit into my Crown chakra;

Sodalite to help open my Third Eye;

Lapis for empathic eloquence on the rare occasions when I’m given a challenging message from Spirit and have to work out what to say and what not to say – this is an area where ethics have to be strictly observed – and finally,

Smoky quartz to filter out negative or mischievous energies.  There are a lot of pranksters in Spirit who love to mess with people’s communications, especially through the Spirit Board.

My other ingredients are:

Sandalwood powder because my Nana, who is also one of my Spirit Guides, spoke to me from Spirit in a waft of phantom sandalwood incense when she passed, so I will always associate it with messages from Spirit;

Grave dirt  in the form of a worm cast taken from our family grave in the local cemetery, because the worms have literally travelled through our forebears and brought their essence to the surface;

Sage for wisdom and discernment in sorting the wheat from the chaff in what comes through;

Feather – a small white one to correspond with angels; and finally

Hanky  (yes, people do still use them – I’ve got one stuffed in every pocket) a small white Egyptian cotton one because sandalwood powder, grave dirt and any powder I feed the bag with will soon get boofed out through the loose weave of a cheesecloth bag; they need something with a high thread count to contain them.

Here’s my medicine bag, with its inaugural contents wrapped in a little hanky parcel inside.   


I held the bag and its contents between my palms and meditated on it for a while, thinking of all the occasions on which I would need its power, and I dedicated it to its purpose with a few words:


“I consecrate this medicine bag to its purpose of helping me with my work in mediumship and psychic practice.”  


Before I start feeding it, I will pass it through the smoke of my special ‘open house’ incense blend to imbue it with the intent to welcome communication from Spirit.

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