Kitchen Witch Spring Equinox Ritual by Ness

You will need:

Candle – Purple or Green or a colour that speaks to you of spiritual growth or personal growth

Lighter or matches

A small organza/fabric pouch or similar (you can also use a small envelope)

Small amount of each herb/plant for your pouch for spiritual/personal growth:

A list of suggestions:

Cleansing to clear the mind – burdock, ginger, heather, mugwort, sage, willow, mint

Clarity and focus – cardamon, clove, dill, lavender, mustard seed

Strength and Courage to move forwards – birch, carnation, daisy, fennel, thyme, bay, oak, garlic

A bit of ‘oomph!’ - black pepper, mustard powder or seed

Something to eat and drink

Circle Casting:

We have gathered from far and wide

Our hearts and minds connected

By the power of the energies that reside

This circle is now protected!

Quarter Calls:

Element of Air

You are intellect, inspiration and imagination

Ideas, possibilities and wishes

We ask you to join our ritual and lend us your energies!

We welcome you!

Element of Fire

You are change, motivation, creativity and willpower

Authority and leadership