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Incense Blend and Oil for Spiritual Growth by Sue Perryman

This month we are working with the intent of spiritual growth. I decided to make an anointing oil and incense that could be used for meditation, spell or ritual work connected with spiritual growth. When I spoke to my lovely friend and fellow Hearth Guardian Ness, she said they could be used at our Kitchen Witch Spring Equinox ritual as March is very much the month of growth in nature and within ourselves. So here we are, an oil and incense that has a dual purpose!

The amounts of essential oil you add to the anointing oil will vary depending on your preference. I added extra lemon because I love the scent, but if you prefer either of the other oils then you can change the amounts around.

I used sweet almond oil as a base, but use whatever you have. I half filled a small glass bottle with the oil, but again this depends on the size of the container you are using to keep your oil in. The oil can be used to anoint your candle and/or your third eye.

Spring Equinox/ Spiritual Growth Anointing Oil

Frankincense (5 drops) - Magical Properties - Purification, spirituality, relaxation, focus, love, abundance, meditation.

Lavender (10 drops) - Magical Properties - Happiness, peace, love, protection, sleep,

clarity, faeries, strength, purification.

Lemon (15 drops) - Magical properties - purification, moon magic, happiness, decisions

uplifting, love, protection, friendship, fidelity.

Spring Equinox/ Spiritual Growth Incense

Frankincense (1 tsp) - Magical properties as in the oil recipe

Sandalwood (1 tsp) - Magical properties - Meditation, love

Mugwort (1tsp) - Magical properties- Strength, psychic powers, protection, dreams, healing, astral travel, feminine energy, cleansing.

Sage (1tsp) - Magical properties - Protection, wishes, wisdom, purification, stimulating,

Intuition, abundance, success.

1 Bay leaf - Magical properties - Protection, purification, strength, power, healing,

creativity, spirituality, psychic powers.

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