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The Nine Muses of February by StormLover Wolf

We all know that Venus and Aphrodite are what we think of right off - both beautiful Goddesses, but I wanted to research some that were not as well known.

Have you ever heard of the 9 muses? The muses were daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, also known as a Titaness, a daughter of Earth and Sky. The story is known that Zeus and Mnemosyne made love for 9 straight days, and then she gave birth to the “Muses” or Goddesses of Art.. During these times, there was no written word to keep through the ages, so memory was very important to pass stories down to another generation. After the 9 daughters were born, they were then raised by the bowman Crotus, and known as Sagittarius after his death. These 9 daughters, the Muses, were dancing maidens being inspired by the Gods Apollo and Dionysis. Each Muse was given a particular art and they ruled over all things considered in that area. Out of these 9 Muses, Calliope became the best known. Here are the Muses: Calliope ruled over epic poetry – that being poetry that was long narrative telling of heroes deeds. Clio ruled over history Euterpe ruled over lyric poetry – that having a musical rhythm and and speak of emotional feelings Melpoemene – ruled over tragedy Tersishore – ruled over choral dance and song Erato – ruled over love poetry Polomnia - ruled over sacred poetry being of a spiritual nature Thalia - ruled over comedy Urania – ruled over astronomy and astrology As the “love” day came closer many sought knowledge from the muses so that their special someone would be thrilled and very happy. Which Muse would you be like?

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