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Intentional/Seasonal Craft Making by Heather

The sun is shining for what seems the first time in days. Sunrise is now noticeably earlier, and sunset later.

As pagans, we are fortunate in that we follow the cycle of the year and have celebrations roughly every six to eight weeks.

Although there are dates attached to these, the energy associated with them flows and mingles with each other, allowing us to have fun, start the festivities as soon as we feel the energy shifting, and begin to make things to decorate for that holiday!

Possibly paint or stick flowers to a jam jar for a tealight holder, or put together a seasonal wreath or wall hanging. Maybe make a poppet for this energy you are aware of, or to represent a deity who you associate with the time of year.

As you make your item, talk to whoever or whatever you feel is close. This could be deity but can sometimes be the land wight or the spirit of the season. Tell them what you are doing and why, perhaps you would like their support in the coming months. Remember to also have quiet times, to enable you to listen for their reply.

Have fun and get making, it may not look ‘perfect’ (mine never are!), but it will be precisely as it is meant to be.

The link to a video chat with Heather about her crafting her wreath can be found here

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