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Witches' Bottles by Jane M

Taken from Jane's Magical Herbs Branch lesson homework

I was introduced to witch bottles at the age of five when my family first went to stay at Tredarrup Farm in Cornwall.  There was a milk bottle in the fireplace with a pile of rusty pins and needles in it.  When I asked Mrs Whell, the farmer’s wife what it was for, she said “It’s to stop witches from coming down the chimney”.  I took her at her word, but I also noticed there were hag stones hidden behind curtains and near door jambs, which I didn’t question at the time.  Was Mrs Whell keeping witches out, or was she a witch herself?


I have a witch bottle by the bed to generally keep bad stuff out and let good stuff in while I sleep, and another one in the witchy room for protection.  For the purpose of this lesson I will make one to protect me from illness and try to get my health on an upward spiral.


I am therefore making my witch bottle to reflect this, and protect me from myself!




Base/grounding:  compost and pink salt.


Personal stuff:  hair from my hairbrush with my DNA in the roots.

Italian seasoning, cardamoms and fennel seeds:  to represent healthy eating.


Lavender:  for restful sleep.


Crystals:  sodalite and amethyst for focus and rational thinking, and rose quartz for self-care.


Tarot cards:  tiny replicas of Strength, the Hermit and the Hanged Man to represent willpower, good health, time out and rest.


Angel card:  tiny replica of a St Michael oracle card to remind me that the Angels have got my back, but I need to remember to ask them for help.


White feather:  another Angel symbol.


My family and friends:  the names of my nearest and dearest written on a scroll of parchment to remind me I am loved and I have a support network. 


Paracetamol:  to represent pain management.


Bicycle:  a tiny picture of a bike to represent exercise.


Half a giant chocolate button encrusted with charcoal and wrapped in a cobweb:  to represent aversion therapy!

As I put each ingredient in the bottle, I spoke my intent for it out loud.  I could carry on adding things to this bottle till it’s stuffed full, but I think this is enough for now.  I’ve used my wax dripping spoon and home-made sealing wax to seal the bottle before stamping the top with my pentagram seal.

I could also make a medicine bag for the same purpose, but this is not a spell.  It’s a make or break game changer for a potentially life changing outcome, and as such it needs to be part of the furniture.

Meeting the magic halfway


Now I’ve assembled my bottle, I can’t just plonk it somewhere to look nice and expect the magic to happen on its own.  I need to take positive steps to help it to happen and make it as enjoyable as possible.  I’ll only have myself to blame if I fail.


To this end, I will be making much better use of my self-hypnosis CD, and now that the weather’s more conducive, my bike will be getting a lot more action, even if I have to kick myself out of the door. 


The sensible cookery books will come back into use and hopefully I will get back into Callanetics to try and reign in my obs and abs.  Seeing the visceral fat decreasing would be such a boost, and it only takes a few minutes three times a week, so no excuses!  As I am fortunate to have a good support network of family and friends, I will learn to accept help graciously when it’s offered instead of trying to struggle on unaided, and accept that I’m not as young and able-bodied as I once was. 


Notice I haven’t mentioned the scales.  That’s because I don’t plan to use them until I can see and feel a real difference.


This all sounds very easy, but I know it won’t be, so I’ll keep the bottle in plain view as a constant reminder.  I have marked this day by not eating a single biscuit or piece of chocolate.  When I’m tempted, I will hold the bottle in one hand and a KitKat in the other, and see who wins!

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