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Imbolc Meditation by Sue Perryman

The following meditation is taken from Rachel Patterson's Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch - an essential guide to witchcraft.

The link to the Guided Meditation can be found here

Make yourself comfortable and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in... deep breaths out....

As your world dissipates, you find yourself in a clearing, it is dusk and the Moon is showing her beautiful face to light your way.

All around the edge of the clearing are candles, lots and lots of candles, their flames flickering slightly in the breeze.

You can hear faint sounds around you. They are the sound of animals, of sheep and their newborn lambs stirring as the darkness falls.

In the candlelight and the light of the Moon you can make out something in the centre of the clearing. As you walk towards it you realise it is flowers, tiny white flowers, they are snowdrops, the first ones of the season having pushed their way up through the earth, making their new beginnings.

You sit yourself down next to the flowers and make yourself comfortable. You focus on the candles with their flames flickering. Watch them as the light breeze makes the flames dance to its tune.

With the sound of the newborn lambs in your ears and with the light of the dancing candle flames in your eyes, focus on what you need to let go of in your life, what thoughts, emotions and events you need to release. Let the light of the Moon and the candle flames cleanse you of any unwanted emotions and thoughts.

Then focus on what you want to fill your life with, new ideas, new projects, and new beginnings. Focus on moving forward, starting afresh with a new outlook on life.

Be positive, be strong, be focused, be honest and truthful to your own inner voice, listen to your intuition, be YOU!

When you are ready, stand and walk around the edge of the clearing and slowly walk around the boundary, carefully snuffling out each candle. As you do so, let that candle take away each negative thought.

Once you are done, slowly and gently bring yourself back to this reality.

Wriggle your fingers and toes and stretch your arms and legs. Open your eyes.

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