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Goal Tiles Spell by Eva Rose

Taken from one of our lovely students lesson homework..

...This one is tricky, as I do not live in a city at all, but rather a name, rural

village. The fields are literally 2 meters from my doorstep, and the forests and

rivers are about a 5 - 10 minute walk away.

But, if I work immediately on my property, I can look to the paving stones/

bricks of my driveway. My idea was to use the pattern of the stones as

“stepping stones” toward a goal.

First, meditate on your goal and find a symbol to represent it. Then think

on what steps are needed to achieve that goal, and corresponding symbols

there as well.

Ideally, you would draw with chalk your ultimate goal on a stone 9 tiles

from your start, visualizing it manifesting and pouring your intent into it.

Then work backwards, and draw symbols for the steps needed on tiles on a

path leading to the goal.

If like me, you have nosey neighbors and can’t go drawing things around,

stand on each tile and project the symbol on the ground instead, stating what

it is.

Once you are at the beginning, ground and center, looking at the path laid

before you to your ultimate goal. Visualize the path as a narrow street in a

city surrounded by high buildings, a twisty country lane surrounded by fields

and walls, or an overgrown path through a forest with trees on either side.

Take a deep breath and step forward onto the path before you slowly. As you

proceed with each step, visualize the intended step needed, state a few words

of your intent, and see the street/lane/path clear before you to the next

waypoint toward the ultimate goal. Proceed until you have reached your goal

and feel the energy from the Earth and Sky pouring through you into your


I recommend sketching out ahead of time your plan on a piece of paper.

So for example my goal was to get a job as a technical writer (there’s an

opportunity that has presented itself, but I feel like it needs a magical boost to

make sure it goes through).

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1 comentário

Theresa Rabbit Moon
Theresa Rabbit Moon
30 de jul. de 2022

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

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