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Gem Remedies by StormloverWolf

A “remedy” is made by placing a cleaned crystal in a glass bowl of spring water and leaving it in direct sunlight for at least 3 hours. Take the crystal out and then pour the energized water into a large glass bottle so that it is about ¾ full of energized water and then top it off with brandy. This is referred to as the “Mother Remedy”. Shake the bottle and place it in a dark cupboard for two weeks, shaking it periodically to maintain its energized potential.

To make the final remedy, fill a small dark glass bottle up to 2/3's with spring water and top it off from the Mother Remedy. Shake the bottle and you have a stock bottle you then take from as your “remedy”. Remedy dose – take 2-3 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day. A bottle of Mother Remedy can be kept indefinitely and produces many stock bottles.

This gem remedy can also be added to the bath to enhance relaxation – 4 drops per bath. It can also be touched to the chakra point corresponding to the area that you need assistance with. You can also make an energizing and cleansing room spray in a pump action spray bottle. Add 2/3 spring water and 1/3 “remedy”, shake well and use.

Varied crystal remedies:

Rose Quartz – gently loving and supportive, eases emotional problems and is good for children.

Aventurine – soothes the heart and enhances relaxation.

Citrine – energizes the system and enhances mental clarity.

Smoky Quartz – cleanses away negativity.

Amethyst – enhances spiritual awareness and relieves mental stress.

Blue Lace Agate – softly relaxing and soothing; brings peaceful dreams.

I encourage you to research other crystals and see what “remedies” you can come up with.


Source: Judy Hall “The Crystal Bible”

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