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Gamers Witch Ladder - Knot Magic by David Parrott

"My partners son has started a new career as a game streamer last year, a side hassle really that he's really enjoying. It was originally something to distract from his day job, but he takes so much satisfaction and he's being a really good advocate for mental health that I felt my support should go into this. I thought having a gaming witch ladder hanging behind him would be so cool."

The Intent for the Spell

To bring joy, prosperity, wealth, happy and healthy growing community support and perfect communication.

The Timing

I chose two dates to make it on. First date was Wednesday 24th January (being a Wednesday - the day of Mercury/Woden and all about communication, understanding and jobs!) I also want to use the waxing moon to help build the start of a new career... I know, cutting it fine.

Second date is the full moon. I wanted the blessings of the Goddess for the charm to get the maximum boost.

I also chose January to do this charm. (I was originally going to make this for Yule and use the power of new birth and blessings...but other things happened) as it seemed a very good moon to start new things. Being just after the death of the old year.


In front of my main altar.


1 small willow wreath

Red Ribbon - for creativity, passion, energy and courage

Blue Ribbon - for communication, healing, clarity, understanding, empathy, happiness and emotional endurance.

Violet Ribbon - for wealth, tranquility, riches, inspiration and 'spiritual' strength

Gold Ribbon - for success, joy, power, abundance, mental endurance, organisation, strength to social skills (dealing with people online can be a minefield if you don't have more authority in the room) and a celebrational atmosphere when playing.

Green Ribbon - for fertility, health, growth, grounding, inspiration, abundance, earthly blessings, luck, money and balance.

I have 5 ribbons for balance and harmony, being the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and 'spirit'. As well as showing the human body in balance (head, 2 hands, 2 feet). I know 5 had other meanings of change and fluidity and can be a wee bit chaotic. But I see it as creative too. So I'm calling on balance, growth, creativity and harmony here.. with the hint of positive chaos ;-)

  • Game token - for positive gaming and wealth

  • Pigeon feathers - for positive communication, good news, fertility, adaptability, and success. (I'm thinking pigeons as they were messenger birds during the first world war (I know the messenger pigeon is extinct but I say it still counts) Pigeons are highly adaptive and everywhere, so highly fertile lol)

  • 2 linked hearts - charm for bonding, sharing, love and connection

  • A bee charm - for fertility, success, community, communication, wealth and reward for hard work.

  • A key charm - for success, opportunities, removing blockages, 'opening doors'

  • A tooth charm - for luck, riches, rewards

  • A crown charm - for success, riches and authority

  • Tree charm - for wealth, harmony, growth, strength, grounding, protection, solid foundation, community and happiness

  • Bell - for success, community, warding off negativity and anything that would bring him ill and bring in happiness and positivity.

  • 1 orange candle - for creativity, success, courage, wealth

I've also made a sigil that will be set into the wreath with copper wire for success and joy.


I take 3 deep breaths to ground myself and go into a light trance to focus.

I dressed the candle in pine and cinnamon oil and cleansed the ingredients in basil incense.

I created a space to work and lit the candle sighting my intentions and my will to bring success, joy, wealth, positivity, protection and growth for his chosen career.

I first bind the wreath chanting my intent into the red ribbon.

Then I plait the gold, blue and green ribbons, chanting to bind, to blend, work in harmony. To grow, to speak, to focus, to bring joy, success and wealth.

Next I bind the plait around the wreath with the red ribbon and bind that with the violet to tie them all together.

I then start the next part of the knot spell by invoking while knotting each token into the plait.

Knot one - so the charm has begun

Knot two - by my will so it be true

Knot three - as i say, so shall it will be

Knot four - his career will soar

Knot five - his channel will thrive

Knot six - the connections are fixed

Knot seven - nothing can stop his progression

Knot eight - so I speak, so fixed is the fate

Knot nine - this charm I bind

So mote it be

I speak my intention to the charm now it is put together and bind the energies.

But this is only part one as I want to use the full moon the next day to finish it. To get the Goddess blessing on it.

The next night on the Full Moon, I prepare the altar for the esbat. I light the candles and make the offerings to the silver sisters. I ask them to bless the charm and finish it by weaving copper (copper being good for connection, love healing and wealth) wire through the wreath to make the sigil. I again asked the ladies to bless the charm and I finally sealed it.

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