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Galaxyite by Unity

I came across a reference to Galaxyite recently when I was looking for something else online and the name intrigued me. I’d not heard of it before and when I searched for some information on it and saw how beautiful it is, I had to buy some.

Galaxyite is said to be relatively rare, but I didn’t have a problem finding it online and bought two tumblestones. There is a lot of confusion about its real name, even amongst crystal sellers, it is  often called Galaxite, but this is actually a completely different black mineral from the Spinel family. Galaxyite is dark green-grey, green with beautiful opalescent inclusions giving it the appearance of a starry sky, it is a combination of Feldspar and Labradorite (my favourite crystal) and known as a micro-labradorite, so it’s no wonder I was drawn to it. If you are going to buy some online, please double check you are buying the correct crystal. I've added a photo of mine, but it really doesn't do it justice.

Galaxyite is a high vibration stone with a really beautiful strong energy, the first time I held it I could feel the energy rushing throughout my whole body, it was like having a shower of positive energy. It is often referred to as an aura stone because of its ability to cleanse, protect and balance the aura, it can also shield the aura and prevent energy leakages.

This beautiful crystal is said to dispel anxiety and stress related disorders. It is believed to help treat disorders of the brain and eyes, aid digestion and be of benefit in treating colds, gout and rheumatism.

A stone of transformation, Galaxyite supports you through periods of change; it can help raise your self-confidence and enhance your intuition. It is a protective stone that attracts positivity, increases your vitality and lifts your spirit.

Galaxyite has a strong connection to our solar system, making it a useful stone for those studying or wishing to study astronomy or astrology.  It is a fantastic aid to meditation, astral travel and astral projection, it is said to stimulate intuition, spiritual growth and aid contact with spirit guides and other higher life forms.

After receiving my tumblestones, I cleansed them and carried them with me for a few days to get used to their energy, which remained as strong as when I’d first held them. Then I did a meditation while holding one of them. The beautiful energy  from the crystal filled my whole body and left it buzzing with positivity. I could see myself floating in the universe, surrounded by stars and planets, it was pure bliss. The words ‘take time out to connect with the peace and healing of the universe’ came to me several times, and at one point I saw the image of a grey haired man with a short beard looking at me. This was the quickest I’d ever got so deeply into a meditation and I didn’t want to leave. When I eventually came out of the meditation, I was in need of some serious grounding! I will definitely use Galaxyite when I meditate again. I also think I have found another favourite crystal :)

A stone of protection against all forms of negativity, Galaxyite can be kept under a pillow or beside a bed to protect adults and children who suffer from nightmares.

Charge and cleanse Galaxyite under a full moon. 

Keep  Galaxyite around your home to fill it with positivity.

Carry a tumblestone on you when you need a confidence boost.

Use Galaxyite in magic to enhance your psychic development and intuition.

Hold a Galaxyite tumblestone when meditating, journeying or if you are wanting to connect with higher life forms.

Chakra: Crown

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Properties: Transformation, Protection, Psychic development, Healing, Intuition, Cleansing , Positivity, Astral travel, Astral Projection, Connecting with Spirit guides, Meditation.

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