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Fluorite by Vanessa Armstrong


I have a polished fluorite crystal and it has various coloured bands ranging from pale yellow to mint green to dark violet.

I thought all fluorite was these shades of colours but I discovered that you can get them in each individual colour too. Fluorite has its own properties but the individual colours not only have the 'fluorite' properties, but also a few extra energies of their own. So mine with its lovely array of colours can be worked with for any of them...

Fluorite is another well known crystal and found in the US, Britain, Australia, China and Mexico amongst others.

Have you ever felt that you can be influenced but not necessarily in a good way? Fluorite is a protective crystal and can help to ward off negative enemies, manipulation and unwanted influence.

It's also useful in healing - any kinds - it can cleanse and purify, dispels negative energy and if you find that you're an unorganised flappable person, can reorganise and straighten you out - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Fluorite is a highly spiritual stone - it heightens your intuition and help with spiritual awakening. It can assist with changing your thought patterns if you feel that you always do things 'one way only'. It'll open up your subconscious, let you explore your feelings and thoughts and perhaps give you a different perspective...

Fluorite has a vast range of physical healing properties too - teeth, bones benefit from work with this crystal. An elixir aids in the healing of viruses, particularly colds and coughs. It's also beneficial for removing blemishes and wrinkles (sign me up for a large specimen!)

It eases the discomfort associated with nerve pain and shingles and can alleviate pain from arthritis and rheumatism.

As I mentioned at the start, each individually coloured fluorite has a few added properties of its own...

Blue Fluorite - good for communication, clarity and thought. It can calm as well as revitalise energy.

Clear Fluorite - useful for chakra work - harmonising and aligning them. Can also be used with other crystals to give an added boost to other healing.

Green Fluorite - can ground excess energy, clear emotional upsets and absorb negative energies from all around. Another crystal for accessing and working with intuition.

Yellow - worked with for good group energies - perhaps in ritual or talks. It enhances creativity, so would be useful for getting heads together on a project or task. Physically, it helps with liver function and the treatment of cholesterol.

Purple - assists with psychic communication. Also good for meditating with.

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