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Drawing Money Jar Spell by Heather

A video of Heather working this spell can be found in the link here

With the everyday cost of living, fuel and energy prices rising, it seemed a good idea to do a money drawing spell. As always, I went to one of Rachel’s books - Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms, and found this one, I do love jar spells!

This spell uses the magic of the number five.

You will need:

Five of each of four different coins (so that makes a total of twenty coins) it only needs to be small change denominations, so you might want to empty your pockets and check down the back of the sofa.

Then you need herbs and spices to add to your jar, Rachel has given some examples below, but also says to go with what feels right for you or whatever you have in the cupboards, just make sure you add five of each:

5 cloves

5 cinnamon pieces

5 sesame seeds

5 nuts

5 grains of rice

5 teaspoons of oatmeal

5 dried corn kernels

5 dried mint leaves

And of course, you will need a clean jar or bottle to put it all in, make sure the neck is big enough to fit the coins through.

Charge each ingredient (including the coins) with the intent of drawing prosperity and wealth to you then add it to the jar.

Seal the container with a secure lid and shake the bottle five times, saying a chant such as:

Coins of silver and copper shine

Prosperity and money be mine.

By the power of magic five

Bring this luck spell to life.

Put the jar in a place where you leave your wallet or purse when you are at home.

Other items you could add in if it felt right for you would be crystals, find a list below. To add even more layers of energy to your intention you could work with colours – drawing symbols on the jar for example or on slips of paper to add into your jar; maybe performing your spell on a new or full moon (or early in the morning or midday if using the energy of the sun).

The following is the list of correspondences Rachel gives as a guide but go with your intuition and what feels right for you.

Crystals to work with for prosperity, wealth and money spells:

Aventurine, bloodstone, calcite, emerald, jade, opal, pearl, peridot, sapphire, tiger’s eye, topaz, green tourmaline.

Herbs to work with for prosperity, wealth and money spells:

Ash, basil, benzoin, bergamot (orange), bladder wrack, calamus, camellia, cedar, chamomile, clove, clover, comfrey, coriander, dill, dock, fenugreek, flax, ginger, goldenrod, gorse, hazel, honesty, honeysuckle, jasmine, mandrake, mint, myrtle, nettle, nutmeg, oak, patchouli, periwinkle, poppy, scullcap, tulip, vervain, woodruff.

Days of the week for prosperity, wealth and money spells:

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday.

Planet for prosperity, wealth and money love spells:


Zodiac signs for prosperity, wealth and money spells:

Taurus, Cancer.

Moon phases for prosperity, wealth and money spells:

New moon, full moon.

Colours for prosperity, wealth and money spells:

Green, gold, yellow.

Image from Unsplash

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