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Crystal Grid for Motivation by Ness

As June approaches here in the UK, we are in phase 3 of restrictions being lifted. It’s a strange feeling – cautious, nervous, excitement, relief, hope and anticipation all rolled into one. We’ve spent the past 15 months living a different life to the one that we were used to and it is not going to be easy to return to it – although I am under no illusion that things will be strange and not what we were used to for a long time yet. On one hand it feels very comfortable to stay put in the boundaries of our safe homes but on the other hand, it will be wonderful to have the freedom of doing what we enjoy doing. I must add though - total hats off, huge thanks and much gratitude for those that have had no choice but to get out there and keep the country going in whatever way that they did ♥

So, we begin to peek our heads out of our front doors and think about venturing out. Some may feel comfortable, others not so – and that is understandable. The word that came to me for this month's theme is ‘motivation’ - summer is coming (please), let's get out there, even if it is slowly!

Crystal Grid for Motivation

Sodalite Skull – emotional balance

Orange Calcite – positive energies

Carnelian – restoring vitality, promotes courage

Bloodstone – vitality, life, strength, courage

Rhodochrosite - reclaim joy and play

Dumortierite – take control of life

Rune for June

Hagal – indicates that a major change has occurred or is occuring. Something that has or will affect our lives and what we expect from it. Hagal shows us that once the hail clears, we can see the way forward with clarity. There is new growth/life afterwards. We will move forward...

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