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Captivating Cherry Quartz by Heather

This crystal attracted my attention, even in the shadowed corner of the shop, its warmth flashed a welcome to draw me closer.   Holding it the energy was comforting as well as having depth and strength.

Cherry Quartz is actually made using cinnabar (a mercury sulphide mineral) and natural reconstituted quartz, which are molten and mixed, the cinnabar found in this stone makes striations, feathers, vortex, and cloud formations which makes Cherry Quartz more beautiful.

Cherry Quartz is believed to vibrate at a level which can help treat infections, colds, minor burns, as well as flu, boosts blood circulation and makes the heart stronger. The frequency of Cherry Quartz allows the respiratory and autoimmune system to function properly. If you are suffering from back problems, insomnia, or arthritis, Cherry Quartz is the perfect stone to have. This stone is also said to be beneficial in healing dizziness, motion sickness, headaches, vertigo, and migraines.

The stone’s energy can attract all forms of prosperity, as well as success in business and career, bringing confidence and clarity to your financial circumstances.   This stone can help you clarify your intents to the world in order for you to attain your goals more rapidly, Cherry Quartz will keep you calm so that you’ll be able to tune in to your intuition to guide you the right decisions.

Cherry Quartz resonates with the heart chakra, encourages loving relationships, helping to diffuse strong emotions such as fear, jealousy, tension, and anger, replacing these with serenity, calm, and peace.


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