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Blue Calcite by Vanessa Armstrong

The ritual writing team met up a couple of weeks ago to get our heads together for our next outdoor ritual. It just so happens that a shop selling all things crystal was quite close to where we met up. Being witches who have a fondness for crystals, we couldn’t resist going in there and having a look around.

Blue Calcite is a new crystal to me, but it’s lovely energies had a few of us taking a piece home, so thought I’d share its properties - healing and magical...

Blue Calcite is a fairly common crystal and is one of the many colours that calcite has - yellow, orange, blue, pink, red, brown, green, black and grey.

Its native to many countries too - Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and UK being some of them.

My piece is a beautiful denim blue, if you like, with shading all over in dark blue through to the palest blue and holding it, I get a soft soothing energy from it. Very comforting - like you've wrapped yourself in the softest biggest blue blanket you could find!

Interesting then as Blue Calcite is said to soothe frayed nerves and lessen anxieties. Its properties encourage rest and relaxation and it has a natural sedative effect - perfect for those who have suffered an emotional trauma, such as the loss of a loved one. Its healing properties extend to the bones and joints, helping with the balance of calcium in the body and aiding a swift recovery in those areas.

It does help also with the flow of energy within your body, keeping negativity at bay, so is a good crystal to keep with you or have some dotted around your home to promote those positive vibes!

It is wonderful for helping with hormonal headaches and hot flushes associated with the menopause, neuralgia and sore throats.

Being a blue stone, for me that makes me think of the deep blue sea, emotions, creativity and intuition, so would be a perfect crystal for all your magical workings in that area. For those that work with the chakras, Blue Calcite would be one to work with for the throat chakra - releasing any blockages ensuring good communications and speaking your truth.

For those that work with crystals for healing - Blue Calcite can be used anywhere on the body. It is said to absorb energy, filter it, then take it back to where it came from which enhances the general health of the person involved. Almost like it knows which areas of the body needs healing without the healer needing to ask.

An elixir of Blue Calcite is beneficial for the bowels and the liver. It encourages good self-cleansing of the liver, therefore encouraging a healthy bowel which in turn helps to alleviate problems in that area.

As I said earlier, Blue Calcite is an excellent crystal to use in communication issues - be it disagreements, problems with speaking (public speaking or just for struggling to get the right words out). It can show you a different perspective on a situation, helping you to dispel old thought patterns, making way for new ideas and inspiration.

I like to use crystals, not only for healing, but for my magical workings too. So, pop a piece of blue calcite on your altar for spell work, in a charm bag, as an aid to meditation or for working crystal grids. It can be used with a blue candle as an amplifier for colour magic.

I would work with Blue Calcite for spells in protection, communication, releasing negativity or clarity, but go with whatever you feel drawn to - what works for you.

There are many other correspondences connected with Blue Calcite but again, go with what you feel drawn to...

Associated Crystals - Blue Lace Agate, Third Eye Chakra - Throat or Third Eye Element - Water Flowers - Bluebell, Sea Lavender Planet - Moon Zodiac - Cancer

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