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Atlantasite by Vanessa Armstrong

I was very blessed a couple of months back to be gifted a bag of crystals from a very dear friend of mine. I have a rather large collection already but its lovely to receive more - especially ones that I don’t have or indeed, ones that I haven’t heard of before.

I managed to name most of them - with the help of google and The Crystal Bible - but one I just couldn’t put a name to.

A little further digging and then asking my friend if she could remember what it was, the name Atlantasite came up.

Not a crystal that I'm familiar with, but it’s a lovely shade of what I would call 'sea-green' with some speckles of deepest purple/black over it.

As I usually do, I hold the crystal in my hands and feel the energies from it. I felt a calm energy from it and 'solar plexus' came to mind a lot.

It was interesting to discover that Atlantasite is a mixture of Serpentine and Stichtite - neither of which I have heard of either, so they may need some investigating. The good thing about having two crystals in one is that you get the energies of both together.

Serpentine is a crystal that helps you feel in control of your life, balancing your emotions and promoting inner peace, whereas Stichtite is a calming crystal, bringing you peace and tranquillity. Together, as Atlantasite, it is said to lower stress levels and bring on a feeling of wellbeing and contentment.

This crystal originates in Australia but can also be found in South Africa and Canada.

I read that Atlantasite is useful for work with the crown and heart chakras, but also read that it can be used for third eye too. I also read that it can be used for kundalini awakening - Kundalini, in the concept of Dharma, refers to a form of primal energy that is said to be located at the base of the spine. This is probably connected to the Serpentine part of the crystal as the form of energy is said to be likened to a coiled female serpent.

Atlantasite is also useful in encouraging the user to think before acting or speaking. In turn, breaking away from poor, ill-thought choices and decisions. It instils a more positive approach to thought patterns and actions, therefore being an effective harmoniser of disputes.

In healing, Atlantasite is worked with for stress, blood disorders and diabetes.

It is also a 'guardian bonder' crystal, meaning it is useful as a talisman for protection - both for yourself, your loved ones and your home and possessions.

Also, it can be carried by travellers or adventurers as an 'insurance', if you like, against harm. 

In the spiritual word, Atlantasite can protect your beliefs from doubt. Sometimes, a person can feel a little lost on their spiritual path, this guardian crystal can help dispel your doubts and promote belief and ideals.

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