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An Afternoon at a Crystal Workshop by Ness

Last week, some of the Kitchen Witch Posse went to a Crystal Workshop. We all work with crystals, but thought it would be a lovely afternoon out and it meant we got to connect with lots of stunning crystals and because it was at a seaside resort, we also had to track down and sample a rather delicious ice-cream!

The workshop was at a fairly new shop in Bognor Regis, West Sussex called EcoSwap CIC which “promotes a sustainable and resilient community through education and awareness” and they also sell some really good eco-friendly things as well.

It was a pleasant day, so stopping off for lunch on the way – as we do – we then headed into town and arrived a little before the start time, so it gave us a chance to have a look around the shop before taking our seats at a table laden with lots of shiny and beautiful crystals.

The host of the workshop was Jane who brought along a huge array of crystals from her own personal collection as well as the ones that were going to be coming home with us. There were some beautiful specimens – a couple I hadn’t seen before or indeed heard of. Jane talked about each piece – how she came to own it, where it was from and how she works with it for her own magical purposes. It was quite fascinating – she threw away the text books and Google and said what each one meant to her and how the correspondences that were in the books and online were sometimes completely different to how she saw them. It definitely gave us food for thought...

When I acquire a new crystal, I am firstly drawn to its colour and what it looks like. I will then pick it up and hold it in my hand to feel the energy from it. Words come into my mind and it's those words that I will make a note of in my crystal journal. I do also have a look online or in my crystal books to see if the correspondences match or are similar to the ones I get from it. Very often they are, but sometimes they are the complete opposite. I think everyone will sense a crystals energy different from someone else – for example: some people love hematite, others will find it too heavy and draining. But generally, we are guided by the books, which is absolutely fine, (there are some awesome books out there!) but sometimes you will pick up a crystal and no matter what the books or the internet says, you will sense a certain energy from it and can’t shift that from your mind!

The ones we came home with were: lapis lazuli, mookaite, garnet, moonstone, aura quartz, petrified wood and chiastolite. The last three I didn’t have, so it was quite lovely to add those to my collection and I will blog about them separately. The other people in the workshop also took home the same crystals – and I’m sure that each of us will work with those crystals very differently for our magical and healing purposes.

It was a fun and informative afternoon and we learnt some things too! It's also made us want to hunt down and source for ourselves some of the beautiful specimens that were there. You can never have too many crystals!..

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