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Amber by Sue Perryman

This one’s a bit controversial as Amber isn't really a crystal or a mineral, it is fossilised tree resin and comes from what are now extinct trees. Resin is a protective substance that some trees produce to protect themselves from disease, injury, insects and fungi. As the resin dripped down the trees it sometimes trapped insects and plant matter, and if you are lucky enough you can sometimes buy pieces of Amber containing these. I have a piece of Amber with what looks like a tiny bit of bark inside which you can see below.

Amber is strongly connected to both the Sun and the Earth, and as it is mainly found on seashores in the Baltic after tides and storms have washed it up from the sea floor it also has a connection to water. It is mainly found in Russia, Poland and Lithuania, but there is some found in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Burma and Sumatra in Indonesia.

Amber has been used as jewellery and talismans for good luck since ancient times. Jewellery made of Amber has been found that dates back to 8000BCE. Most amber today is between 30-90 million years old!

The name Amber is believed to come from the word ambar, the Arabic word for ambergris, a similarly coloured material that is discharged from Sperm whales that is also found on beaches and is used in perfumes.

In Ancient Greece the name for Amber was ‘Elektron’ which referred to the sun – it is the origin of the word electricity. Amber is associated with the Greek goddess Elektra, the Oceanid-nymph of the amber sunlit edge of breaking storm clouds (the Greeks truly had Deities for everything!) She is the wife of the sea god Thaumus and mother of the rainbow goddess Iris and the Harpies. Other deities who are associated with Amber are:

Jurate, the Lithuanian goddess of the sea, who lived in a castle made of Amber.

Freya, the Norse goddess of beauty, love, sex, lust and sorcery, who’s tears that fell on the land turned to gold and tears that fell in the sea turned to Amber.

Oshun, the African Yoruba goddess of love, beauty, fresh water, fertility and healing.

Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease, pain and negative energies from the body and the environment. It can also be used to cleanse and clear the Chakras.

Wearing Amber jewellery, carrying or placing pieces of it on parts of your body is believed to enhance intellect, ease depression, stress and anxiety and increase vitality. It’s warming soothing solar energy brings happiness and joy and supports the body during convalescence. It is particularly healing for children and the elderly.

Amber has a powerful protective energy and is especially protective for children. Place pieces of amber around a room or use amber elixir in a spray bottle to clear negative energies. I have done this using the indirect method of making an elixir, which is done by placing the amber into a small glass container and then placing this into a larger glass bowl which you then pour spring or filtered water into. This can be left in the sun for 12 hours and then poured into a spray bottle for protection, added to bath water, taken internally or used for anointing.

Emotionally I find Amber has a very calming, peaceful and balancing energy, holding it feels like having a hug from a loved one, but don’t let this fool you into forgetting how powerful Amber is. Medicinally, in the past Amber was ground into a powder and mixed with water, oil or honey and used as a cure all for many ailments.

Ground up Amber was also added to incense believed to kill germs and disinfect areas.

Ancient Amber is perfect for connecting with ancestors, past life work and wisdom.

Amber’s beautiful golden colour reminds me of the golden light that we get on sunny days in late September, when the sun isn’t quite as harsh and bright as it is in Summer.

Amber brings happiness, joy and positivity, something we all need as we face the dark days of winter.

Amber magical properties:

Manifesting, positive energy, cleansing, healing, protective, beauty, sun magic, intellect, wisdom, balance, calm, love, good luck, success, vitality, joy

Element: Fire, Earth and Water

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Leo and Virgo

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