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A February meditation by Sunchylde Dryadmoon

Take a deep breath in through your nose and a long sigh out through your mouth. Feel any tension in your body start to melt away as you become comfortable and relaxed. Take another breath in through your nose, the air going deep into your stomach, then slowly and gently release the breath out through your mouth.

Your everyday thoughts and worries fade away as you bring your attention solely to your breath as it moves gently in and slowly out. The world around you starts to dissipate and as it slips away you open your mind’s eye to find yourself on a country lane.

It is almost dawn on a cold morning that is still in the clutches of winter. The sky has that strange grey, expectant hue that comes just before the sunrise. As you walk down the lane the sun comes up over the horizon, seeming to climb a little higher with each step you take. The faster you walk the quicker the sun starts to climb until beautiful winter sunshine reveals more of the world around you.

You notice that the snow has started to melt, and you can see the odd blade of grass poking through the now very thin blanket of white. The trees are still bare but now have teams of snowdrops surrounding their base, like little cheerleaders encouraging the new buds.

Caught up in the wonder of the first signs of the earth awakening you didn't realise that you had reached the end of the lane and are now standing at a five-bar gate. You push open the gate and carefully close it behind you. The little lane has led you into a large field with barns and buildings on the left-hand side. You hear sounds coming from the big barn and, so you make your way towards it.

As you approach you realise the sounds are the gentle bleating of sheep that are lambing. You enter the barn that is only a little warmer than it is outside. There are sheep and lambs in little pens within the barn. Some lambs are being washed by the new mothers, some are feeding on the nutritious ewe's milk, standing on shaking, wobbly legs, and others are still in the process of being born into the world. You watch for a little while in awe of the miracle of life happening right before your eyes

"Would you like to help me my child” A voice brings you back from your thoughts. You are handed a new born lamb and a bottle of milk. "Her Mother did make the birth but this one is a fighter” You feel overwhelmed with sadness for the lamb but at the same time you must be as strong as she is.

And so, you fight back the tears and you feed the lamb from the bottle. As you watch the hungry little girl feed the voice tells you her name and shares a message that is just for you.

The lamb has finished the bottle and starts to fall asleep in your arms, and so you hand her back to what you now know is your deity for February. Before you leave the barn, the deity gives you a gift as a reminder of the message they shared with you.

You open the barn door and step back outside. You feel the meditation starting to slip away as you begin to join the real world again.

You become aware of your breath. Take a deep cleansing breath in and a long sigh out, wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers and when you are ready open your eyes.

Take as long as you need to come back into the room. And write down any messages you were given on your journey.

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