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7 Day Strengthening Spell by Eva Rose

You will need: -

7 pieces of paper (large enough to write and draw a little on) -

7 candles of appropriate color (see below) -

7 crystals (see below) -

7 herbs (see below) -

Candle holder, lighter, etc. -

Markers, pens, pencils, etc.

Each day you will take the appropriate candle, herb, and stone and charge them with healing energy. I recommend starting with Monday, but any day is possible if the need is great. I highly recommend working on a waxing moon.

1) Write the day’s mantra on the paper on one side with the symbol of the planet on the other.

2) Light the candle, recite the mantra.

3) Hold the stone and the herb and recite appropriate petition.

4) Place the paper in front of the candle and the herb and stone next to it. Meditate on how you can bring this change into your life.

5) If you feel moved to, you can draw symbols or write words that are inspired by you meditations on the paper.

6) Either let the candle burn out or extinguish it safely. Leave everything until the next day, thanking the energies for their assistance.

7) Before beginning the next day’s work, thank the items used and dispose of the herb properly (compost if possible or buried), cleanse the crystal, and set aside the paper on your altar. You will need all the papers on Sunday.

8) ON SUNDAY (or your last day): after you have competed the spell, clean up immediately as before. Gather the papers together and read through them out loud one last time. Burn the papers one at a time in a fire-proof container or outside thanking the Universe for its help. When done, say a statement such as “I release

thee to the Universe to do its work!”.


Planet: Moon

Stone: Moonstone

Herb: Aloe

Candle Color: White


I felt weak,

All that was wrong,

By the power of the Moon

Make my emotional defense strong!


I ask the Moon’s power to amplify through this moonstone for emotional strength

I ask this aloe to sooth and heal the scorched emotions

I ask this aloe to sooth and heal the scorched emotions


Planet: Mars

Stone: carnelian or garnet

Herb: garlic

Candle Color: red


My strength was weak,

My energy was low,

By the power of Mars

Make my willpower grow!


I ask Mars’ power to amplify through this (crystal) for willpower and growth

I ask this garlic to fire up my defenses


Planet: Mercury

Stone: Blue lace agate

Herb: Lavender

Candle Color: light blue or yellow


My voice was silenced,

My health weak,

By the power of Mercury

Make me able my needs to speak!


I ask Mercury’s healing power to amplify through this agate for clarity in


I ask this lavender to build health


Planet: Jupiter

Stone: Sodalite

Herb: Clover

Candle Color: Dark blue or purple


My luck was out,

My career stagnant,

By the power of Jupiter

Make my success rise again!


I ask Jupiter’s power to amplify through this sodlite to guard my success

I ask this clover to build luck in all that I endeavor


Planet: Venus

Stone: Unakite

Herb: Rose

Candle Color: pink


My confidence was low,

My feelings of love faded,

By the power of Venus

Make my self-worth grow!


I ask Venus’ power to amplify through this unakite to heal my emotions

I ask this rose to bring love and self confidence back to me


Planet: Saturn

Stone: onyx or smokey quartz

Herb: Valerian, myrrh, ivy, or blackthorn

Candle Color: black


My discipline was gone,

Chaos reigned,

By the power of Saturn

Make my life structured again!


I ask Saturn’s power to amplify through this crystal to build my defenses

I ask this <herb> to protect my boundaries


Planet: Sun

Stone: Sunstone or orange carnelian

Herb: orange peel

Candle Color: gold


My light was dimmed,

My hope was lost,

By the power of the Sun

Make my Joy bloom again!


I ask the Sun’s power to amplify through this <crystal> to strengthen my


I ask this orange to bring light and joy into my life again.

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