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Yule Guided Meditation

The following guided meditation is from Rachel Patterson's Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch

published by Moon Books.

The link to the ritual can be found here

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, focus on your breathing, deep breaths in...deep breaths out...

As your world dissipates you find the air around you becoming very cold, but you are warmly dressed. The ground beneath your feet is covered in crisp, white snow that crunches underfoot. As you breathe, your breath comes out in clouds of mist, like dragon breath.

As you look up you see the dark imposing image of a stone circle on the skyline, the stone circle of Stonehenge.

The sun is rising behind the stone circle, the sky is a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours.

You make your way across the white blanket of snow towards the stones, you feel the cold air on your face and feel the snow beneath your feet.

Once you reach the stones, you put out your hand to touch the surface of one of the outer standing stones. Its feels warm and you can feel an old and ancient energy pulsing through it.

You step between two of the outer stones and enter the inner circle. You can feel the energy spiralling between the stones.

You move to stand in the centre of the circle and turn to watch as the sun rises, its rays breaking through the stones and bathing you in the golden light of the Winter Solstice sun. You soak up the sunlight and feel the energy from the rays, filtering through the stones.

As you are watching the horizon, you see movement out of the corner of your eye. You turn to see a fox creeping about by one of the large outer stones. It stops still and looks up as it realises you are watching, your eyes lock for a split second then it dashes across the centre circle and disappears. All that is left are the footprints it has left in the snow.

Feeling refreshed, renewed and full of energy, you turn and walk back out of the stone circle through the inner stones and to the outer stones. As you exit you turn and place your hand on one of the large standing stones, feeling once more the special energy it contains.

Then slowly you make your way out and back across the field to where you started. Gently bring yourself back to this reality.

Wriggling your fingers and toes and stretching your arms and legs, open your eyes.

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