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Yule Crystal Grid Spell for Balance by Vanessa Armstrong

At this time of year, life can get stressful. The days are taken up with thoughts of food, gift buying, who to invite? who do we go to this year? etc., etc.

As well as the growing list of 'to-dos’', you may well feel that you are 'out of kilter' and not know if you're coming or going.

One of the things that you can do is to create a crystal grid for balance. This will help you feel a bit more in control of decision making and from feeling overwhelmed.

Crystal grids work with a number of crystals, all with properties relating to the intent to which they are for. All of these crystals working together will amplify the energy and create a powerful tool to manifest your intent.

Crystals are usually placed using sacred geometry - Google 'crystal grid templates' for some ideas or use your own.

Research crystals that have 'balance' as a property or use whatever ones that you are drawn to.

I've listed here some that you could use: -

Tigers Eye


Snowflake Obsidian



Lithium Quartz




Red Jasper

Snow Quartz


When you have selected your crystals, place your grid template - if you're working with one - where you can see it and it won't be disturbed or knocked off. I usually place mine on my altar but put it where you feel it would benefit you most.

Take the largest crystal and place it in the centre of your grid. As you put it on its spot, visualize your intent of balance. Take the next crystal and touch the first crystal with it so that it connects before placing it on the grid where you think it should go. Again, visualize that intent of balance. Take the next crystal and touch each of the previous two on the grid before placing that one. Repeat with each crystal, connecting them to the previous ones, until your grid is complete. All the time visualize the intent.

Leave the grid in its place until you feel that its work is done.

Cleanse each crystal before putting them away.

Blessings for a peaceful Yule!

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