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Whispers of Your Ancestors by Starlit

Can you hear me?

October is when you may hear the whispers of your ancestors the loudest, with Samhain approaching & the veil between our realm and that of the Otherworld thinning. 

Divination is one tool you could use to reach past the veil and tap into the whispers of those past. So for the month of October I offer you the opportunity to use 7 cards (tarot or oracle) laid out how you feel drawn to seek guidance from your ancestors. 

Sit for a moment, take some deep breaths and shuffle your cards. I like to light a candle & set some incense going to create a mood. Damp woods, black patchouli and fir needles comes to mind for scent!

Set your intention and draw your 7 cards, flip them over one by one and read them based on the following 7 questions/statements. 

1. Dear Ancestor, what bloodline do you descend from... maternal or paternal? 

2. Can you shed more light on who you are?

3. What medicine do I carry in my veins from you?

4. What wisdom can you impart that was passed down to you from your ancestors when you were flesh and bone?

5. What generational wounds do I need to be aware of?

6. How can I heal the pain and trauma that has been passed down the bloodline? 

7. Message from MY ancestor. 

Write down your messages & visit them throughout October. This could help you with any healing you wish to focus on throughout the month.

Take a moment to thank your ancestor (s) you could allow your candle to burn through if you wanted too and have time too. 

As I am a Hellenic Witch I like to make offerings and libations to the Chthonic deities, especially Hekate with her torches shining a light into the underworld & Hades for allowing any ancestor passage to reach out to me. 

Let us know on the Kitchen Witch Facebook group if you've given this spread a go, share your pictures and your insights if you feel comfortable. We'd love to hear from you.

Image - cards are the Legacy of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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