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What's Going on in Nature?.. by Ness

Taken from the Kitchen Witch Newletter November 2022

Did someone say November?

As we approach the end of the year - and seriously - where has that gone? And as I write this, it is still mild and sunny during the day. We have the early morning dew on the grass and the evenings have a definite chill in the air to them.

The dampness of the morning and the occasional showers together with the mild temperatures have given the earth a bit of a boost. The grass is green and vibrant, the ploughed fields near me are sprouting what looks like winter cabbages, the nettles are abundant again and I've also spotted some cleavers which I normally only see in spring.

There is also an abundance of Mallow in the hedgerows.

Autumn is here though - we have a beautiful tapestry of fallen leaves in every colour, acorns and chestnuts have fallen and this year, there seems to be so many of them and they lay crushed on pavements and roads. I have seen some on my nature walks, I wonder how many will drop beneath the soil to perhaps sprout next year?

The evenings are drawing in rapidly and the sun now sets at about 6pm. Thoughts turn to bonfires, hot chocolate, indoor projects, warm sweaters, boots and long dog walks trudging through the leaves - or is that just me?

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