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Taken from the Kitchen Witch Newsletter October 2022

The dry weather has, at long last, given way to rain - hurrah!

It is still warm here in the UK but the first signs of autumn are upon us - early morning dew on the grass, misty fog and a definite chill in the air first thing in the morning and in the evenings. The nights are drawing in and as I type this, the sun is setting around 7.10 pm.

The dry grass of the lawns are picking up again, what was dry and yellow has now changed to the vibrant greens of early summer.

The fruits of our hedgerows ripened earlier this year due to our very hot and dry summer. I’m noticing that a lot of the blackberries and elderberries are spent now although there are late ones ‘bringing up the rear’. Most of the apples on my tree have been picked.

Burdock flowers are finished and the burrs containing the seeds are lying in wait for an unsuspecting carrier to latch on to. The fastener Velcro was conceived by an engineer after coming across these burrs whilst on a walk – and they are extremely difficult to remove. (I had to cut two from my dog's fur as they were stuck fast)

Rosehips and hawberries are still flourishing – these are hardier than the softer black fruits so have withstood the drier weather.

The leaves of the trees are starting to change colour and although many garden flowers are still blooming with the late summer sun, others are showing signs of finishing.

Horse and sweet chestnuts are ripe on the trees and there is an abundance of acorns this year. The evenings continue to draw in, the temperatures slowly drop - the season of the witch is upon us!

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