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What's Coming Up in the KW Blog..

We have some fabulous blogs coming up over the next couple of months here at Kitchen Witch.

For the remainder of June, we have a weekly blog of Moon Meditations with links to the guided meditations by Heather. We also have a Summer Solstice Meditation by Sue and also the script for our Summer Solstice Ritual - which will be aired live on our Facebook Coven Group and on our Kitchen Witch YouTube page too on Friday 17th June.

July gives us some more meditations hosted by our lovely Heather - this time working with the energy of the Sun, so something very much to look forward to.

There will be others added throughout - look out for Helen Brambley's Moon Books reviews and blogs by some of our fantastic students who have agreed to share some of their awesome spells and rituals that they have written as part of their lessons homework.

There is also an extensive catalogue of blogs already posted on a huge array of subjects, so hop over to to take a look!

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