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Welcome 2019 by Heather

At the start of this new year, I decided to do something a little different and researched Numerology, to see what this year might have in store.

In Numerology 2019 is a 3 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 =12) (12 = 1+2 =3). Three is all about communication and creativity. Communication with others will be important, take time to ensure others understand what you mean and have not misinterpreted you.

However, communication with your-self will be more important, because understanding yourself and your needs allows you to communicate at a deeper level with all those around you.

It is also going to be a realistic year, you will be able to identify your needs and how you arrange for them to be met. You will need to stretch out of your comfort zone and create new ways of being to ensure your overall and long-term happiness.

So far this may sound as if you are going to have to be extremely selfish this year. At the same time three is about friendship, kindness and generosity. Therefore “doing unto others as you would be done by” is also a good saying for this year. Giving generously of your love and friendship, with no thought or reward or reciprocation, will bring you to a place of receiving those gifts as well. Let go of judgement and don’t allow yourself to hear others as judging you.

Three is a very positive number and is considered to be sacred, it inspires and encourages us to expand our horizons, to be generous to ourselves and others and to step into our personal power. Three motivates us all and gives us the strength to overcome our challenges. This means that there are going to be many opportunities this year, all we have to do is grab them. This applies to all Life Path Numbers.

The 3rd of March this year we will have a 333, the energies of 3 are tripled and they also bring the element of the spiritual. The trinity is activated in your DNA structure. So 333 offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution.

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