Water Witchery by Heather

Before you head off because you don’t flow with water, what I’m going to suggest can be adapted to work with any element you feel drawn to work with.

We all know our planet is in crisis, pollution, unsustainable use of fossil fuels, agricultural demands to mention but a few problems facing our Earth Mother.

All over the world there are people of all denominations, religions, and beliefs, who are called to help in whatever way they can; some as activists, or joining beach or river cleanups, writing to MP’s highlighting issues, posting blogs, joining environmental groups…the list carries on! As individuals we can recycle, use less plastic, source our food locally where possible, be aware of how our food is produced, not wasting anything. If each person does something, that adds up to a huge difference when you consider how many there are of us!

As witches we can combine into the physical actions we make, the use of spells to support our Earth Mother.

As I said at the start, I am basing this on my practice as a Water Witch, however I do work with all the elements, so you can easily alter this to apply to your way of working.

Not everyone will have access to a body of water, maybe due to disability or transport issues, thankfully we have our visualization skills to call upon, and what follows can be accomplished at home if needed.

Find your local water source! Look on a map, go for a walk…if you are lucky enough to live near the sea you obviously know where you’re going (physically or visualizing), take a bag for rubbish with you.

Spend some time getting to know this water and the spirits that live there. Just like meeting someone for the first time, introduce yourself, listen; explain why you have come there, listen. This is not complicated, just sit or stand, ground yourself, take a few deep slow breaths, and do the above. The important part is stopping to listen for replies. The spirits may not be responsive to begin with, as let’s face it, what has our species done to instill trust. Unless you get a definite ‘we don’t want you here’ reaction, keep going back and repeating the above, to show that you are trustworthy and really do want to help. I find that finishing these first (and subsequent) meetings by picking up any rubbish is appreciated by the locals.

Once you have formed a relationship, the spirits will tell you what they would like from you. As humans we tend to rush in with our own ideas of what we can do, however what we think, and the local energies want, can be very different things! During your conversations, you can say that you would like to work a spell for them but wait for their agreement.