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The Norns: Weavers of Fate and Magick by Irisyana Moon ~ book review by Heather

The Norns do not appear to come from any of the recognized beings of the Norse otherworld. Most commonly it is described that there are three of Them, with their names indicating their ability to construct the content of time - Urd = the past, Verdandi = the present, Skuld = the future.  Their home is a hall, near a well, beneath Yggdrasil, the tree at the centre of the Norse otherworld, which holds the Nine Worlds in its branches and roots.  From the well They take water to ensure the tree stays healthy, maintaining life within all the worlds.

In this book, the author describes the Norns coming into her life, as well as how she works with Them now.  In doing so, Irisanya gives us suggestions, throughout the book, on how to meet, develop and maintain a personal relationship with Them.

I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy this authors work.  From the first paragraph in the book she says that the contents are her own journey, with reference to older sources of information. That it is her hope that readers will be enabled to build their own relationship, travel their personal path of Wyrd with the Norns, using the suggestions that resonate with them, and their intuition.

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