The magic of turmeric by Heather

Turmeric is very useful not only in our kitchen, but for offerings and in spells.

Element: Fire

In spells: passion, commanding, confidence, courage, exorcism, magic, sensuality, spell-breaking, strength

Planet: Jupiter, so can also be used for purity, honesty, truthfulness and happiness.

Turmeric as a natural antiseptic and ingredient in food dishes is well documented, together with its anti-inflammatory benefits.  The accessibility to turmeric makes it simple but a very powerful ingredient for performing remedies. The following are some that I found:  

Tying a piece of turmeric root on the wrist/neck strengthens the wearer with the qualities of Jupiter.

An object can be purified by sprinkling water mixed with turmeric.

Wearing a turmeric mark on forehead improves chances of success and overall state of mind.

Marking the boundary of your home with turmeric protects from negative energies.

Taking bath with water mixed with small quantity of turmeric purifies the body as well as mind.

A mix of turmeric and sandalwood in incense is good for gaining desired results.

For some cultures Turmeric is considered a sacred product. Just having it in the home is believed to bring abundance and good fortune.

Adding this powerful anti-inflammatory herb into your everyday life will help combat existing inflammation, but it can prevent inflammatory responses from occurring again.  On top of that, turmeric helps relieve stomach pains, supports your immune system, brings down bad cholesterol, strengthens your bones and increases the flexibility of your joints. 

My favourite simple recipes:

1 teaspoon Turmeric

Half a jar of runny honey

Mix and use to sweeten herb teas

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea

1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk,

1 (3-inch) cinnamon stick