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The Magic of February by Rachel Patterson

Taken from February 2023 newsletter.

This is a bit of an unpredictable month. The weather never knows what it is doing. The first signs of spring are making an effort (depending where you are in the world of course) and then the snow dumps on top of them. But the signs of the earth beginning to awaken are there…somewhere. The year spreads open before us full of potential even if we need to wrap up warm in seventeen layers of clothing. February contains St Valentine’s Day and Lupercalia so there is definitely an air of love and fertility whizzing about.

February always feels like the start of the turning point, although it is not yet spring February sees the beginnings of new growth and even (hopefully) a few Sunnier days. The beginning of February brings the festival of Imbolc which is traditionally sacred to the goddess Brighid. This is the month where we celebrate the maiden awaiting the return of her Sun god. Open up pathways to allow the positive energy in. It is a time for renewal, new beginnings and a good ‘ole clear out, spring clean, sort clutter (physically, mentally and spiritually) and smudge, smudge, smudge…

It is also the time of year for all the baby sheepses to be bouncing around the fields and to celebrate that spring is on its way, prepare for growth and renewal of all kinds and keep an eye out for the first spring flowers.

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