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Spell for Inspiration by Sue Perryman

I have been really struggling to come up with an idea for a blog for September, and August seems to be shooting by, so the pressure was on. I knew I wanted to do a spell, but what to do...... What I really needed was some inspiration, then it hit me, do a spell for Inspiration!

I associate inspiration with the element of Fire so chose a red candle and carved the word ‘Inspiration’ on it. I then added some of the beautiful red Rowan berries and leaves from the tree in my garden and some bay leaves also from my garden. For crystals I picked an orange calcite, rose quartz and labradorite.

I don’t use incense because I have asthma, but if you want to use it go ahead and pick your favourite or one that you associate with Inspiration.

Light your candle and incense if you are using it.

Sit and gaze at the candle flame, focus on your breathing, take a few slow deep breaths in, and deep breaths out, let any stray thoughts or worries melt away.


‘Rowan and Bay and crystals three

Bring the spark of inspiration that I need

Clear my mind of worries and woe

Divine Mother make it so’

Sit and meditate at the candle flame until inspiration strikes, or you feel ready, in the knowledge that inspiration will strike soon.

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