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Spell for inspiration by Heather

As Imbolc occurs at the beginning of February, I felt it would be useful to call on Brigit to help me at this time.  I am going to perform my spell on a Saturday morning, with the moon new or waning.

I chose a small glass jar (a bottle would work too), I set about looking in my cupboards for items that I felt carried my intention for Inspiration, you can follow your intuition and what you have available.  My choices were:

Rowan, hazel nuts, rose, star anise, black pepper and cloves, with salt and sugar.

Lay your ingredients out, cast a circle if you feel called to do so. Place your hands over your materials, visualise Brigit placing Her hands over yours sending a pure white light to charge them with your intent, whilst saying (or similar):

Goddess Brigit I ask for Your energies to give, Your inspiration each ingredient to have.  So be it!

Then add your layers.

Seal your jar/bottle and place it on your altar or other prominent place.  Whenever you feel in need, pick it up, ask for inspiration and give it a little shake.

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