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Spell for Hopes & Wishes by Eva Wadoski Romeijn

As part of Eva's homework for one of the lessons on her Kitchen Witch studies, she had to devise a spell using seeds, leaves or thorns. This is what she did:

I was originally planning on doing a spell using the thorns collected from a previous task (rose thorn, blackberry thorn and hawthorn) - but then this morning while I was out running, I found a feather - then the rose branch snagged me as I ran past…and then the pine cone was in my path. I have a tendency to gather things while out running, and I often come home with bits and bobs from nature. I was drawn to combine the 3 items together - the feather for ideas and freedom, the rose for hope and joy, and the pine cone for abundance and prosperity. I tied them together with a bit of grass and poured my hopes and dreams into them, all the while chanting something about the things I wish for (it was poetic at the time, but I honestly cannot remember the words now!). I then released it into the river. The banks are overflowing from all the rain we have had the past few days, and it seemed right to release the spell into the flow. For all my hopes and wishes to be carried by wherever life takes me - and may I find joy in it.

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