Solitary Winter Solstice ritual by Sue Perryman

Decorate your altar with symbols of the season including a gold/red or white candle in the centre. Don't light your candle yet!

You will need:

A lighter or matches

A candle for Yule

something to eat and drink

If you usually cast a circle, do so now in your preferred way. If you don't normally cast a circle, purify the area first by smudging or asperging.

Below is my way of casting a circle which you are welcome to use.

Walk deosil (clockwise) around your circle saying:

'I cast this circle with golden light

as the sun is reborn after the longest night.

The darkness will slowly fall away

as the sun return to us this day.'


Face the North and say:

'Guardian of the North, element of earth

deep within you hold the promise of new life

strong roots, seeds and bulbs,

waiting for the rebirth of the sun

you bring the gifts of growth and fertility