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Seeds in Tapes and Mats by Heather

How had I not seen these before!  I love growing plants from seeds, but having arthritis has meant that my fingers are no longer nimble enough (tried seed dispensers but they are fiddly too!!).  At the end of last summer, after planning and plotting with a group of friends over lunch in a garden centre, we walked around, and I discovered seed mats.  

Over the winter, by my kitchen window I have been able to plant, and watch basil, coriander and chives grow, then harvest them for my cooking and dry some for my spells, wonderful after the last couple of years, during which I bought ready grown ones.

The energy of connection was still there, but for me is always stronger when I have planted them.

Finding the flower seed tapes was exciting, we don’t have a big garden but love to fill it with as many fragrant, bee, butterfly and insect attracting flowers as possible.  So  this year I will be able to return to the joy of sowing and watching them push their way through the soil.  This is one very happy witch!

For anyone with a windowsill, small garden or with mobility problems, these certainly make it so much easier to grow and harvest your own plants.  

There are seed tapes of vegetables too (wish I had a bigger garden), for those who have the space.  But for me these have enabled me to continue doing something that I love, so a big thank you to whoever thought of them.

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Everyone is so inspiring. I absolutely will buy seed tapes because I too have have limited space and arthritis with a deep desire to connect with mother natures cycles. Thank you for the idea. Blessed Be )❤( Delphi (Yvette)

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