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Sacred Bones, Magic Bones - Stories from the Path of the Bones by Ness Bosch ~ book review by Heather

Fascinating book. Divided into two parts, the first covers the physiology, archaeology, and the known history of bones, together with how they are viewed in living traditions around the world.  Our bones contain our ancestral origins, the study of these over the years have provided our understanding of our development as a species, how we migrated across the world.

The second section takes the reader on the journey of bone working and magic.  Discussing how we can tune in to the messages contained in bones from all species, to gain insight into our lives today.   There are sections on how to collect your own bone oracle, spells and rituals utilising bones or shells as their primary ingredient, as well as suggestions for using claws, teeth and bones as amulets.

Bones and ancestors with the elements of nature, are the basis of spirituality, dating back to our earliest known origins. Bones are natural, we along with most creatures, have them, yet some people fear them. The author successfully demonstrates that bones are magical, giving the reader the guidance to incorporate them into their magical tool kit if they wish to.  There is a good bibliography, with a list of online resources.

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