Ritual to Consecrate Magical Tools by Unity

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Many witches, myself included, believe it is important to cleanse and consecrate any new magical tools before using them in ritual. Like crystals, magical tools will have been handled by many people before they reach you, and they would have picked up many different energies, some good and some just plain nasty, so cleansing is done first to clear away any negative energies.

There are various ways of doing this most you will be familiar with, particularly if you work with crystals. The simplest way is to hold your hands over the tool and visualise a purifying white light flowing either up from the earth or down from the universe through your body and out of your hands into the tool. Everyone will have their favourite way of cleansing, but I’ve included a few below:


Holding them under running water

Burying them in salt or earth

Leaving the tool outside or on a window sill in sunshine or overnight on a full moon

If you are a Reiki healer, you can use Reiki to cleanse tools.

Consecration is an act of dedicating your ritual tools to their magical or spiritual purpose; again everyone will do it differently. It can be as simple as saying a prayer over the tool and asking the God and Goddess of your choice to bless and consecrate it to be used in your rituals, a full blown ritual or anything else that has meaning for you. The choice is yours to make and no way is right or wrong. You can consecrate anything that you will use during ritua,l for example, a wand, athame, chalice, a special item of ritual jewelry, a new altar, or an item of ritual clothing. If it is a large item like an altar, take the representation of each element to the tool rather than trying to lift it. Below I have included a simple ritual that I use.

You will need:


White candle in a holder

Lighter or matches

Small bowl of spring or moon water

Small dish of salt

Your magical tool

Something to eat and drink

If y