Protection Ritual by Vanessa Armstrong

Updated: May 31, 2018

kitchen witch open ritual
Image from a Kitchen Witch open ritual

You will need:

Black candle. This is to dispel negative energies.

Black tourmaline crystal - this transmutes into positive energies.

Jet - to absorb negative energies.

Sage and Rosemary bundle to burn as incense for cleansing.

Cloves - may be burned for protection and to purify the energy of the area that the ritual is to be held also.

Set these items up on your working altar or a small table in the middle of the room.

Circle casting:

Standing at your altar, light the candle and incense and say the following:

"Here I stand in this sacred space

Our energies are connected

By the powers of the elements that reside

This circle is now protected!"

Calling in the quarters:

Element of Air, I call upon you in this ritual

Show me positive thinking so that I may banish all negative thoughts.

Teach me the knowledge of freedom so that I may protect myself

Hail and Welcome!